The machine that surpasses humans in intelligence


It was just a dream for mankind throughout history, the ability to create a smart machine that resembles the intelligence of humans, but with the resulting evolution in the mechanics and programming techniques we find today that this is no longer a dream. After the ultra-intelligent computer “Watson” surpassed a unique competition between man and machine.

Watson is an artificial intelligence computer system capable of answering questions posed in natural language, developed by DeepQA in IBM. Watson was named after IBM president Thomas Watson. This system was developed specifically to answer the questions of the Jeopardy Competitions Program, where in 2011 it competed with the previous winners and won them the first prize of 1 million $

The contest contains a series of indirect questions, since simply understanding the question is a problem in itself. and the answer to these questions depends not only on the great know-how of information, but also on the language and context of human conversations and the ability to understand complex questions that can contain synonyms. That was the biggest challenge for Watson, Represents the biggest obstacle in the machinery industry.

But Watson has managed to overcome this hurdle by using the most powerful tools in the world of computing, the machine learning technology. It’s a technology that enables the machine to learn like learning the human to new things. Machine learning is the science in which we make the computer learn by it self without the need to program it explicitly .

This idea seems a little strange. Is it possible to actually make the machine learn like humans !!. We can find that this can be done by using algorithms that can learn from the available data and predict future data behavior, and then make the necessary decisions based on the analysis on the current data, instead of making the machine following instructions and code fixed and restricted by the system programmer .